Tuwindi, in partnership with Free Press Unlimited, trains 58 media monitors in Mali

As part of the implementation of its monitoring project to consolidate journalistic ethics and promote gender in Mali, supported by Free Press Unlimited, the Tuwindi Foundation started Wednesday, September 27, 2017, a 4-day Training Workshop in the Baobab room of the Radisson BLU hotel in Bamako. This training, recorded the participation of 58 monitors who will be deployed in all the regional capitals except Taoudéni and Ménaka. The aim of this training was to get the instructors to master the concepts of gender in Tuwindi media and monitoring instruments as well as these techniques of use. The facilitation of the first day, which focused on the Gender and Media modules, was provided by Ms. Ramata Diaouré, a Gender and Media Expert. Mrs Diaouré, during the animation of these modules, highlighted the gender issues that need to be approached from several angles (socio-economic and cultural). She emphasized that gender promotion should not focus solely on women because gender promotion should be for both sexes rather than social inequalities having a greater impact on women.

The following modules on monitoring instruments and coding mechanisms were facilitated by Mr. Sidibé and Ms. Diallo from the Tuwindi Foundation. These modules were the subject of several practical exercises which allowed the participants to familiarize themselves with the mechanisms of monitoring or coding.

The Tuwindi foundation in order to bring a technological touch to the monitoring system, had to develop an android application to facilitate the data upload. This application has been introduced and installed in mobile phone monitors by the foundation engineers.