The work of the training workshop for conventional and faith-based press bodies on their responsibility for secularism and the construction of democracy and peace in Mali ended on Wednesday 29 March 2017 in Bamako. These three days of training enabled the participants to be equipped on the journalist’s social responsibility, ethics, professional ethics, journalistic genres, the decriminalization of press offenses in Mali and the attitude to be undertaken by a reporter In hostile environments. Organized by Tuwindi Foundation with funding from NED, Tidiane Togola, Executive Director of the Tuwindi Foundation, welcomes the success of this workshop “It is a pleasure to see that the Tuwindi Foundation can and does contribute to the national edifice by training Journalists we are on one the information will pass well within the society and that is what mali needs today “. Asked about the importance of this training, ABDOULAYE GUINDO, one of the participants said that this training was of capital importance for him. “I am satisfied with this training because it has allowed us to learn more about the basic elements of journalism, something that many people do not care about when this knowledge is necessary for real journalists.” Tackling in the same sense as Mr. GUINDO, Dikorou Cheick TRAORE is one of the participants of this workshop. She says that we are always learning and urge the Tuwindi Foundation to multiply these kinds of initiatives.