On Thursday, 25 August 2016, the TUWINDI Foundation officially launched the web platforms to monitor the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali (BenkanSeben) and the Gender Act (EquiGenre). Founded in 2015, the TUWINDI Foundation stands out for its innovative initiatives such as the use of information and communication technologies to strengthen governance, democracy, citizenship and the rule of law in Mali.


The BenkanSeben and EquiGenre platforms, which are meant to be collegial and responsible, make it possible to monitor in real time the implementation of the agreement for peace and reconciliation in Mali and to monitor the law on gender. This project was funded by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).


Under the chairmanship of Mrs Diallo, Director of the National Center for Documentation and Information on Women and Children, this launching ceremony was attended by five speeches.


The first speaker was Mr Tidiani TOGOLA, Executive Director of the Tuwindi Foundation. In his address, Mr TOGOLA, after welcoming the guests, gave a brief presentation of the Tuwindi Foundation. He also spoke about the various activities of the foundation, including the monitoring of governmental and parliamentary action and its democracy tech squad initiatives and the Malian media and civil society forum. Thanking OSIWA for the financial support of this project, Mr TOGOLA explained that the applications “Benkansenben” and “EquiGenre” are barometers, allowing to follow in real time the implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation, and the Gender Act in Mali. He urged participants to install these applications in their smartphones in order to be better informed about these topics.


It followed, the intervention of Mr Alexis KALAMBRY, president of the Malian Forum of Media and Civil Society. In his communication, Mr KALAMBRY, after the presentation of the forum, welcomed the launch of these platforms.


This is also followed by the intervention of Mrs Alfari Ramatou, representative of the High Representative of the Head of State for monitoring the implementation of the Agreement. Mrs Alfari warmly welcomed the initiative and expressed her wish for success in this project.


Mr Tidiani TOGOLA, Director of the Tuwindi Foundation again intervened to present, explain the installation procedure, how to use the different platforms, Benkansenben and EquiGenre. He succinctly presented the portal “citizen action”.


This followed the intervention of Mr Marc AMOUGOU, Senior Technical Adviser of the Electoral Process Support Project in Mali. Mr AMOUGOU thanked Tuwindi for his involvement in the launch of this project and invited women to enter the grandes écoles and universities in order to better benefit from the implementation of the legislation on gender.


Then, Mr. Mamadou SOGOBA, Representative of the Minister of National Reconciliation, said that these platforms, beyond making the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali more visible, will serve as a tool for citizens, Information on the state of implementation of the Agreement.


Finally, the honor came to the Director of the National Center for Documentation and Information on Women and Children to deliver the keynote address. Before launching the web platforms for monitoring the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement and the Gender Act in Mali, DIALLO thanked the Tuwindi Foundation for associating its structure with In the development of indicators for this project, and hoping that these large-scale applications will have a real impact.


A family photo shoot ended the launch ceremony.