Meeting of the Malian Media and Civil Society Forum

In the year two thousand and sixteen, and on Monday, November 14, at the invitation of the president of the Malian Forum of Media and Civil Society, was in the conference room of the Cultural Cooperative JAMANA, a workshop of the Forum.

The purpose of the meeting was:

– To discuss the communication challenges related to the implementation of the agreement for peace and reconciliation in Mali resulting from the Algiers process;

– To discuss issues of international aid in local elections on 20 November;

– To discuss the effectiveness of the support and the empowerment of civil society and the media in Mali;

– Raise awareness on innovative technological tools for citizen participation through mobile applications.

The meeting focused on “Building a synergy between civil society and the media to understand the challenges of citizen participation in governance and building peace in Mali”.

Welcoming the participants, Mr. Alexis KALAMBRY, President of the Malian Forum of Media and Civil Society, presented the Forum and its visions. He also outlined the purpose of the meeting, which he said was to bring together media and civil society to discuss issues related to governance and peace building in Mali. In his speech, Mr. Marc Amougou, technical advisor to PAPEM, thanked Tuwindi and the forum for having honored him by associating it with this event.

Then came Mr Tidiani TOGOLA, Executive Director of the Tuwindi Foundation. In his speech, Mr TOGOLA, explained the link between Tuwindi and the forum, and explained that the forum is one of Tuwindi’s incentives, but remains autonomous. This was followed by the intervention of the Honorable Sékou Fanta Mady TRAORE. Mr. TRAORE warmly welcomed the initiative of this meeting.

Finally, it was the intervention of Mr Gamer DICKO, representing the Minister for the Digital Economy of Information and Communication. In his address, he welcomed the initiative, recalling the availability of the department to accompany the initiative before proceeding with the official opening of the work.